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Duck Fertilizer Posh Empty Duck Fertilizer Posh

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:25 am

First buy your duck. Then choose the fertilizer bonus. The first set of recipes are: Two Fancy Duck Treats, which requires eight wheat and two Fancy Duck Mix (post for them), each, to make; One Cornbread, which requires one corn meal (eight corns) and one buttermilk (three milk, one butter); And Two Bags of Vegetable Peels, which require eight onions and two salts to make.

Next we will choose the posh duck. From there, the second set of recipes will be: Two Posh Rubber Duckies, of which you will need to post for two Vain Rubber Ducky as well as six eggplants; one Duck Brush, which requires four wood and two horseshoes; and finally, two Hand Mirrors, of which you will need one mirror (ask for three pieces of glass each with one metal sheet)

Now name your duck and that brings you to the final set of requirements for your super duck. You will need: Two Duck Training Manuals, each with require you to post for three Duck Training Page; three Plush Duck Toys, which require four wool and two felt rolls (four wool each to make); and one Baby Duck Formula which takes up four baby bottles and four milk.


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