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Post by Admin on Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:23 pm

First buy your duck. Then choose the feather bonus. The first set of training recipes are: Two glossy duck treats, one pie crust and two glass good luck charms. You need to post for the glossy duck treats or go to the exchange and click on glossy duck mix. You have to ask your friends for two pieces of glass to make your good luck charms as well as six wool (from sheep) and two fine wool (from prized sheep) to make one Wool Thread Spindle for your charm.

Next, we will choose the sporty duck. The second set of training recipes are: Two Sporty Rubber Ducky, which you need to post for Athletic Rubber Ducky to make; Two Duck Training Hoops, which require four wool and one metal sheet (ten horseshoes apiece) to make; and finally, two Olive Oil which requires you to ask your friends for three flasks per olive oil bottle.

Now name your duck and that brings you to the final set of requirements for your super duck. You will need: Two Duck Training Manuals, each with require you to post for three Duck Training Page; three Plush Duck Toys, which require four wool and two felt rolls (four wool each to make); and one Baby Duck Formula which takes up four baby bottles and four milk.


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